Do you know what alt text is? Most website-savvy people have some familiarity with how it works with images on your website. You add a short-but-sweet...View Details

What is market positioning? Why does it actually matter for your business? According to today’s guest, Shannyn Lee, “Positioning is fundamental busine...View Details

Are you guys still using IGTV? Did you know they’ve added a feature that will automatically add captions to your IGTV videos? Facebook has been doing ...View Details

Have you lost your mojo? Are you in a slump? Is your business sucking out your soul? If you don’t have a compelling reason that has you in LOVE with y...View Details

Making money on social media can seem SO complicated. But the truth is, anyone can do it. You don’t have to have millions of followers or snag sponsor...View Details

How do you get famous on TikTok? Is there some secret sauce or magic trick? Contrary to popular belief, It’s not JUST 12-year-old boys & girls dan...View Details

Has posting on social media started to feel like drudgery? Are you ready to put the “social” back in social media? Do you want to make it FUN again? S...View Details

If you haven’t noticed (where have you been?!) the Wingnut Social website has gotten an upgrade. Thanks to Nicole Heymer at Curio Electro, it’s got a ...View Details

Do you know how to leverage your network? Do you know how to communicate with your personal and business connections in a way to foster relationships?...View Details

Did you know that you CAN get to the end of your Instagram feed? Darla and Natalie have never scrolled to the end of their 48-hour Insta-recaps, but i...View Details

Why should you add webinars to your portfolio? Is the ROI worth the time and investment that you put into it? Darla is a huge fan of webinars—and so i...View Details

Facebook is launching partner monetization for events in 20+ countries around the globe. What does that mean? Facebook will allow businesses and creat...View Details

How do you sell effectively during a pandemic? How do you remain sensitive—but also keep your business afloat? How do you sell effectively in any diff...View Details

It’s official, after a test-run in a few countries, Instagram Reels is officially available in 50 regions—including the US. They fast-tracked their la...View Details

Are you a designer struggling to cling to a healthy mindset, unable to balance your work and home life? Do you find yourself always focusing on the ne...View Details

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